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Audio Services

Web Media Support

Choose from several web audio and video media support services
MP3 Audio File Hosting
with Unlimited Bandwidth!

As low as $5/month
Unlimited Bandwidth MP3 Audio Hosting by LibSyn

Need somewhere to affordably host your audio & video media files?
Plans start at just $5/month for 50MB of NEW files EVERY month and UNLIMITED BANDWIDTH!   We're NOT joking! :)
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Media File Capture
& MP3 Conversion

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Have us Capture & Convert any media that contains audio into a streamable MP3 audio file for your site or podcast, etc.
We can convert just about any kind of audio or visual media into a streamable MP3 audio file, ready to use wherever you want.
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Digital Voice Mastering
& Noise Reduction

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We can Clean & Master your podcast or web audio for the best possible quality.
Voice mastering involves applying custom EQ (frequency equilization) to balance the "tone", compressing and/or limiting levels (volume), removing unwanted background hum, buzzing or hiss/air noise, reducing excessive "s" sibilance sounds from speech, normalizing (maximizing) the overall level, and cleaning up the head & tail fades so your audio sounds clean, smooth and professional.
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Audio/Video Podcast
Editing & Publishing

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We can edit your original media sources and engineer your audio & video podcast episodes for you.
Spend more of your time planning your shows and let us handle the editing, mixing, ID3 tagging, mastering and publishing of your audio or video podcast episodes (or any other media). We can also help you design your podcast, including creating signature bumpers, stingers and logos/images, as well as help you setup and integrate your podcast feed into your website and all the top podcast directories like iTunes™.
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Original Music Scoring

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Original Music Beds or Bumpers to solidify your brand.
We can compose an original piece of music specifically for your web audio presentation or podcast.  This includes a pair of bumpers, a complete music bed, or a unique identity tag (jingle or corporate theme) to brand your production.
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Web Media Consulting

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Not sure what you need?
We can provide Experienced Consulting and point you in the right direction, including a complete project or Audio/Video File Evaluation.
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