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Copyright Notice:

  • All content on this site including the TalkingSpeaker players and player files are Copyright ©1992-2010 Mark Lindsey / TalkingSpeaker™
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  • All copyright violations and attempts will be aggressively investigated.
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  • The "Gold Guy" images used throughout this site were designed by Scott Maxwell of LuMaxArt - used (licensed) with permission.  Thanks Scott!!!
  • Contact us for any questions or copyright infringement reports regarding this policy.

Privacy Policy:

  • Through the course of navigating this site and using TalkingSpeaker™ services, certain statistical and personal information such as your IP and email addresses may be collected, retained and used by TalkingSpeaker™ for future internal or marketing uses.
  • We do NOT and will NOT ever share or sell your information with/to any other 3rd party, but we may send you special offers or information for related services.
  • By ordering or utilizing our services and site, we may ocassionally email you notices about service upgrades, new products and special TalkingSpeaker™ offers and exclusive discounts through our Web Audio Marketing Blast newsletter.
  • We may publish your name, company name, product names, audio production titles or links to your production, on our site for promotional or marketing purposes, unless you specifically request that we not.
  • Contact us for any questions regarding this policy or to be removed from our internal mailing lists.

Terms of Use:

  • You may use our TalkingSpeaker™ Free web audio marketing players on any of your own personal or commercial web pages that do not require paid access.  You may use our TalkingSpeaker™ Custom web audio marketing players on any of your own personal or commercial web pages.
  • You must have permission to replay the mp3 audio file(s) you stream through our player and you hold Mark Lindsey and TalkingSpeaker harmless for any copyright infringement or performance royalties or claims thereof, or any damages related to your use of our players.
  • You must not change the display size of our players from the original supplied code without prior written approval.  You must not use any method to hide the players from view on your page.
  • You must not extract and host or share the .swf file and Flash player code separate from our site or otherwise make it available to anyone else, by any means (excluding some upgraded players, and only with prior written permission).
  • You must not disable the link on any TalkingSpeaker™ player.
  • We currently offer free hosting of our Free & Custom player Flash .swf files.  We reserve the right to change this policy at any time.  In such case, we will provide Custom player users their original .swf player files so they can host their own files.  While we operate high-speed servers and will do our best to make all hosted player highly available for high-volume use, we can't guarantee 100% player uptime and can not be held responsible for any loss or inconvenience caused by a server outage, slow network/server response, or a natural disaster.  If you have a particularly high-traffic need, please contact us and we'll make arrangements to provide you with your player files so y ou can host them on your own.
  • We reserve the right to modify or discontinue all offers and change prices and service details at any time, although we will attempt to notify you by email prior to any such changes.
  • Contact us for information about Joint Venture, Private Label, Affiliate or Franchise opportunities, Co-Marketing or Link-Exchange offers, and Bulk or Special-Use proposals.

Satisfaction Guarantee:

  • If you aren't completely satisfied with your TalkingSpeaker™ Custom Player, contact us within 5 days of delivery and we'll either re-make it to your specifications or refund your order.  This does not include branding link functionality problems caused by custom code on your site.
  • Offer not valid for errors or problems with your supplied materials or order details.  If refunded, you will lose your right to legally use the player and you must delete it immediately.

Special Thanks To...

  • Rusti & Kylie for their unending support
  • Dan for the Flash player help
  • Martin for the marketing suggestions
  • Greg & Karrie for the motivation

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