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How does this service work?  What audio do I use?
The TalkingSpeaker™ Free player is a Flash audio player that reside on our server.  You simply place a piece of code in your HTML page(s), which calls up your player each time the page loads.  You can direct your player to stream any mp3 audio file that's hosted anywhere on the web.  Your mp3 file must be directly linkable (ex. and it can be voice, music, sound FX or any combination thereof.  If you don't have a web hosting service for your mp3 file(s), check out this unlimited bandwidth mp3 hosting offer.  We've even heard of people using our players to stream their existing audio from other web audio services and free file hosting accounts.

You can change your mp3 file at any time and your player will start playing the new file.  There's never a charge based on how much you use your player.  It's that simple!  We also offer many audio/video media services to help you improve your existing media or create new professional audio/video custom-tailored for your use.  Our DIY Audio page helps you create your own audio if you want to add a personal touch to y our message.

Can I use the same player on multiple pages or sites?
Absolutely! The TalkingSpeaker™ Free player can be used on as many pages & sites at the same time as you wish. Each player can stream a different mp3 audio file, and the audio files can be changed any time you want.

Can I change my audio file after my player is installed?
Of course you can! You can simply change 2 short lines in your player code to play a different mp3 audio file, or come back to our free player activation form and easily generate a new player code (with your new audio file) at any time.

What technology does the TalkingSpeaker player use?
Our players use the ubiquitous Adobe Flash 8 technology plug-in.  Flash is reported on several sources as being installed on over 98% of all web-enabled computer systems, which means nearly every web user is able to see and hear the TalkingSpeaker players.  A large number of web sites utilize Flash for movies & banners, including YouTube movies.

Where can I install the TalkingSpeaker players?
Our players can be installed on just about any page or profile where you can post a chunk of raw HTML code (with object & embed tags).  Essentially, wherever you can post a YouTube video, you should be able to post a TalkingSpeaker™ player, including custom web sites, blogs, WordPress sites, Drupal sites & HTML email, etc.  Some social-networking sites, content management systems and custom code may block the branded link (or affiliate link) on our player, but this doesn't affect the audio playback.  As well, some CMS platforms such as Drupal may require installation of a WYSIWYG editor such as TinyMCE (ask us if you need any help) for proper display.  Our player code comes in both XHTML 1.0 Strict and Transitional compliant formats and works on most popular browsers.

Audio/Video Media Services

How long has TalkingSpeaker been working with audio?
While the TalkingSpeaker service has been in operation since 2006, Mark Lindsey has been working with audio on the Internet (and pre-Internet) since about 1991 and was the first music composer to market his audio services on CompuServe and AOL (when they were new).  Mark and his team of professional producers, consultants, audio engineers and voice actors have many, many years of experience servicing web and traditional media and business clients.  Your audio is in good hands. Your video is also in good hands - we've been editing video podcasts for several years as well!

Do you only work on audio intended for TalkingSpeaker players?
Certainly not... We can produce, edit, master & prepare audio and video for a wide range of players and formats.  While focusses mostly on web audio marketing, we can also master music CDs & demos, score original music for film/video/games, record & edit dialog for most markets (including podcasts), perform video post-production, do sound design for many markets, and much more.  We are also happy to record, edit, capture, convert & master audio for any other web audio players that you may be fond of, as well as produce, edit & mix your podcast audio.  When in doubt, just ask us.


How long does it take to get my TalkingSpeaker Free player?
Instantly!  If your mp3 file is hosted somewhere and ready to go, as soon as you submit your TalkingSpeaker™ Free Player Activation Form, your player code is generated and ready for you to copy and paste into your web page or profile editor.  The instant you open your page or profile with your new player code, your new player will be ready.


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