Here's what some people are doing with their TalkingSpeaker Web Audio Players...

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Live Demos

TalkingSpeaker™ Custom Players

+ image + bg + voice + editing + music + affiliate
(delayed load on top-right of the page)
Dog Obedience Training - This UK dog training and information site utilized many of our player upgrades and pro audio services to create a pro voice message with music, an engaging TicklePlay™ audio prompt and a unique player skin that matches the look & feel of (which we also developed through our custom web design shop).  The player code was programmed to load with a delay on the page for extra exposure.
The player and site have been a big hit for dog lovers all over the world!

+ image + bg + mastering + branding

Free Obama Victory Speech Player - This is a player that we put together to help Obama fans spread his message from the President-Elect Acceptance Speech.  This is a live player, so give it a try and get your own for free today!
The Free Obama Speech Player is being installed all over the world!

+ image + color + bg image + controls + branding

Custom MP3 Promo Player - This is a demo player that we put together to demonstrate our turn-key MP3 Promo Player service, which works on Profiles, Bulletins, Comments, Blogs, Forums, Email and your Website.  This is a live player with one of Mark Lindsey's original fantasy game music tracks, so give it a try and get your own Custom MP3 Promo Player today!
These custom MP3 promo players are building fans all over social-networking sites!

+ animated graphic + branding

Aussie Songs - We made this custom player as a rush job for Nigel at  It features an animated graphic and their own unique branding (anchor text and link).
If you're looking for songs and ringtones inspired by Australia, check them out!

+ image

Chord Piano - Duane Shinn has been marketing his piano training courses and products for many years and knows how to market online.  His single custom player is used on well over a dozen of his piano sites and utilizes a custom head-shot image upgrade.
TalkingSpeaker™ helps Duane communicate and demonstrate his vast array of educational products!

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